Big Brother 19: Week Four

August 8, 2017

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In the first unanimous vote of the season, Dominique Cooper, the 30 year old government engineer became the fourth houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house. Following Cody’s eviciton, Dominique was in hot water after a few allegations were thrown her way. So, how did it all go down? Check out the full summary below.

Head of Household

Source: CBS

The Space Cadet’s Head of Household competition picks up right after Cody’s eviction. According to Wikipedia, “Houseguests stood on a small foothold and held on to their handles, trying to stay on the side of the space station.” The last houseguest standing wins! Alex and Elena were the last houseguests standing, and a few deals were exchanged. For protection, Alex agreed to keep Elena and her people safe this week. Elena dropped, and Alex won HoH!


Since last week, Paul and Alex have been building this good old friendship. That being said, Alex winning HoH was a win for Paul as well. Rather than targeting Jessica, who is alone in the game, Alex, Jason, and Paul decided to take a stab at the other side of the house. Dominique and Mark’s names have been floating around since Cody threw them under the bus on his way out. So, it came to no surprise that Paul wanted them out.

So, remember that deal between Elena and Alex during the HoH competition? Dominique and Mark were included on Elena’s “safe” list. At the nomination ceremony, Alex broke her deal with Elena and nominated Dominique and Jessica for eviction. Dominique felt completely betrayed by her former alliance, while Jessica saw her nomination coming from a mile away.

Power of Veto Competition

Alex, Dominique, Jessica, Kevin, Christmas, and Jason, participated in the Temple of Temptation Power of Veto competition. According to Wikipedia, “Houseguests must walk across their suspended beam and hit their statue. They must then return and hit their button again. Each time they hit their button, they will earn a point. If they fall in the lava, however, their counter will reset to zero. However, the houseguests were also offered a temptation. The first houseguest to hit their special button will earn a money prize, but they will eliminate themselves from the competition. The first houseguest to get fifty points will win the Power of Veto.” Jason wins!

Power of Veto Ceremony

As Jessica rebuilds her lost relationships, Dominique seeks justice to clear her name. After receiving a message from God himself, Dominique identifies Paul as the “snake.” Her holy revelation is followed by a heated exchange of words with Paul during a house meeting. To make things worse, Jason decided not to use the Power of Veto, leaving Dominique and Jessica remaining on the block.

Den of Temptation

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Right before the live eviction, Jessica was offered the Halting Hex temptation.  Once accepted, she can use the power to cancel any of the next four evictions. Knowing that the votes were stacked against Dominique, Jessica decided against using the power this week. The eviction continued as normal.

Live Eviction

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In a ten to zero vote, Dominique Cooper was evicted on day thrity. After her eviction interview, Julie had good news for our latest evictee. Similar to last season, the Big Brother Battle Back has returned. The first four evicted houseguests will compete head to head for a chance to come back in the game. Exciting, right? Be on the look out for the next Big Brother post this week.


-Bryce Lennon