Secondhand Sunday

December 18, 2016

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What I’m Wearing
Sweater: Salvation Army | Turtleneck: Kohls | Jeans: ASOS | Loafers: ASOS

Similar to the long sleeve, button-up shirt, turtlenecks are one of the most versatile layering pieces in the game. Why? Simple, there are just so many options! For instance, I love layering my favorite turtlenecks under cardigans, sweatshirts, cable knit sweaters, and blazers. If you don’t believe me, have a look at this week’s Secondhand Sunday outfit above. As you can see, I decided to style my white turtle neck, with a thrifted v-neck sweater from the Salvation Army. I know, it sounds like an ancient trend, but this is one of my favorite pairings. Keeping up with this look, I further styled this combo with a pair of skinny jeans and suede tassel loafers from ASOS. So, how do you feel about this particular outfit? Feel free to share below. Thanks for reading!

See you tomorrow,

-Bryce Lennon