Secondhand Sunday

February 11, 2018

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What I’m Wearing
Sweater: Thrifted | Coat: ASOS | Pants: ASOS | Sneakers: Converse

Whoa, two Sundays in a row?! It looks like I’m on a roll this month. Neverless, I decided to kick off the week with a new #SecondhandSundays post. Today, it’s all about the wool sweater. More specifically, the v-neck jumper. I actually found this particular sweater at my local Goodwill. One thing for sure: this fun sweater can be dressed up or down, depdning on your personal style. I actually decided to dress down the sweater with a longline puffer jacket and  my favorite navy track pants. Nice combo, right?  So, how do you feel about this particular look? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

See Ya,

-Bryce Lennon