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October 14, 2016

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post_mwl1_101316_01“A young couple staying in an isolated vacation home are terrorized by three unknown assailants.” – IMDB

In this week’s Films for Guys post, I wanted to give a honorable mention to one of the best horror films of our generation, The Strangers. Back in 2008, I had an opportunity to catch this film in the theaters with one of my closest friends, and we both left with adrenaline rushes.

Source: Universal Studios

Why? In the course of ninety minutes, the director executes a simple, home invasion story-line quite well. The realism behind the cinematography and plot allows the viewer to make an instant connection to the two main protagonist from the very beginning.

Source: Universal Studios

One of my personal favorite scenes takes place near the beginning of the movie. Kristen, the main character, walks from the family room to the kitchen, while smoking a cigarette. Then, suddenly in the background, one of the intruders walks in frame and stares at Kristen from the distance. Although this scene is very relaxed at first, you feel a sense of unease, almost as if you are the victim.

Source: Universal Studios

I can spend hours talking about this movie, but you get the concept. It’s amazing. So, if you need help finding a fun horror fanatic like myself, purchase The Strangers. You won’t be disappointed.

Catch you later,

-Bryce Lennon