Big Brother Canada 5: Week Two

March 27, 2017

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Week two in the Big Brother house has been an emotional roller-coaster. As the newbies continue to flesh out their strategies, the veterans are turning against one another. So, how did it all go down this week? Find out below!

Last Week’s Live Eviction Rewind

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Before we continue, let’s discuss the chain of events that went down right before Mark’s early departure. Twenty minutes before the vote, some of the veterans discuss the possibility of flipping their votes in Mark’s favor. Bruno and Neda believe that Mark would be a better shield to keep around than Demetres, who is working exclusively with Cassandra. Mark told Bruno about a conversation he had with Cassandra (Apparently, Cassandra told Mark that Ika and Gary were the main people targeting him). When Ika heard the story from Bruno, she immediately defended herself to Mark, with Gary in the room. Gary, enraged by Cassandra’s “accusations,” goes in full attack mode. He calls a mini house meeting to call Cassandra out, and the truth is eventually unraveled. We find out that Mark up the entire story in a last minute effort to stay in the game. Gary and Cassandra eventually call a trues, and everything goes as planned. Mark becomes the first houseguest evicted.

Head of Household

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Now that the smoke has cleared, the houseguests prepare for their next Head of Household competition, Balls to the Wall. Here is how the competition works. In pairs, each houseguest will kick their “Space Balls” at numbered targets. The player with the highest score will advance to the final round, sending their partner out of the competition (Making them a Have-Not for the week). In the final round, everyone will kick again. The houseguest with the highest score will win HoH for the week. After a series of rounds, the final two came down to Neda and Demetres. With a low score of seven, Neda was knocked out by Demetres winning score of seventeen.


For a second week in a row, a newbie has full control over the house. Last week, Demetres had his eyes set on targeting Dillon, and doesn’t plan on drifting away from that plan. In a desperate attempt to keep the veterans safe, Ika did some damage control in regards to the votes casted towards Demetres during last week’s eviction (Regarding Bruno and Kevin). Demetres listened, and wants to put up a pawn next to Dillon. He plans on nominating a rookie (One that voted against him last week). Since Emily has a close relationship with Dillon and Dallas, she was an easy target. Demetres executed his plan and nominated Dillon and Emily together.

Power of Veto Competition

Demetres, Dillion, Emily, Dre, Neda, and Karen were selected to participate in the “Milkin’ It” power of veto competition. During this competition, each houseguest will run and dunk themselves in a tub of milk, where they attempt to soak up and absorb as much milk as possible. They will then head back to their platforms and squeeze out every last drop of milk in to their glass. The first houseguest to fill up their glass of milk and pull out their ping pong ball will win the Power of Veto for the week. After a close race, the competition came down to the current HoH, Demetres, and his nominee, Dillon. In the end, Dillon took home the win, saving himself from eviction.

Power of Veto Ceremony

After a brief conversation with Cassandra, Dallas feels like a potential new target based on his friendship with Dillon and Emily. He tries to convince Demetres to put up Bruno as the replacement nominee. Since the conversation with Demetres didn’t go as planned, Dallas continues to scramble for safety. He tries to bring the veterans back together, with little to no luck. At the power of veto ceremony, Dallas interrupts Dillon (Before he can take himself of the block) with a jaw dropping speech. The veteran throws his best friend, Dillon, completely under the bus. If allowed to stay, Dallas claims to target his former ally next week. With no choice, Dillon uses the power of veto on himself, and Demetres nominates Dallas in his place.

Live Eviction

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Emily and Dallas make separate attempts to save themselves before the live vote. Emily uses the same strategy as Dallas. If given power, she will target powerful players like Ika and Sindy. On the flipside, Dallas declares his loyalty to the newbies. He wants the newbies to work with him to take out the veterans.

Source: Global TV

Before the live vote, Dallas tries to throw his former veteran ally Sindy under the bus. Unfortunately, no one cared. After thirteen days, a unanimous decision was finally made, sending Dallas out the door.

Honestly, I knew Dallas wouldn’t do well this time around. I doubt he could improve from his game play last season. Plus, I felt like he was trying too hard to be a character, rather than a player. So, he had to go.


The playing field is completely even, with seven veterans and seven newbies. So far, we have lost two men, and I can see the women going after each other this week. From the newbies, I see Jackie and Karen in danger. At this point, Jackie is very disposable. She doesn’t have any loyal allies, and continues to butt heads with Karen. Speaking of Karen, the houseguests will never forget her winning the first HoH this year. I can see that being an excuse to nominate her. Plus, her social game is really good. The whole “Mom” thing works for her quite well. She has the word “Target” written across her forehead. For the veterans, Cassandra and Ika are in hot water. Cassandra’s loyalty has been questioned since the beginning of the game. With her reputation from last season, I can see her being an easy target. For Ika, she has most of the veterans wrapped around her finger. However, she is a threat to some of the newbies. Depending on who has power in the house, I can see Ika being nominated for some catty reasoning.

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