Big Brother Canada 5: Week Six

April 25, 2017

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The word irony is a complete understatement of what has transpired in the BBCAN Odyssey. After backdooring Neda during the surprise double eviction episode last week, Sindy found herself in a sticky situation. Dillon the surviving nominee from the previous live eviction, won Head of Household for the week. Once the Power of Veto was used on one of the nominees, Dillon made a game changing decision by naming Sindy as the replacement nominee. By eviction night, the house was unified in their decision and sent Sindy packing. Find out how it all went down below!

Head of Household

Source: Global TV

The remaining houseguests, minus Sindy (The previous HoH), competed in the BUZZKILLED competition. As soon as the buzzer goes off, each houseguest hits their button. The last houseguest to ring in gets eliminated. The last houseguest standing becomes the new Head of Household. After a few rounds, the challenge came down to Bruno, Dillon, Dre, and William. Dillon offered the remaining houseguests safety for the week if they forfeit the challenge. Bruno, Dre, and William agreed, and allowed Dillon to win HoH.


Dillon still holding Jackie accountable for flip flopping throughout the game, plans on making her the target for the week. He plans on using Demetres as a pawn. If the POV is used, Dillon will renominate a veteran instead. After conversing with his new Emily 2.0 partner, Karen, Dillon has Kevin and Sindy on his radar as potential replacement nominees. At the nomination ceremony, Dillon followed through with his plans and put up Jackie against Demetres.

Power of Veto Competition

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Dillon, Demetres, Jackie, Ika, Sindy, and William participated in the Out of Orbit Power of Veto competition. Each houseguest has to roll their ball up and around a looped infrastructure and catch it on the other side, completing one rotation. If the ball is dropped, they start over. The first person to complete three hundred consecutive rotations will win the Power of Veto. The challenge came down to Demetres and Dillon. Near the end of the challenge, Dillon’s ball fell off the infrastructure, bringing him back to zero. Demetres continued and was rewarded with the Power of Veto once he hit three hundred rolls.

Secret Veto

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Dillon called a house meeting, as instructed by Big Brother. Their task was to clean the house from head to toe. While cleaning, William found a clue regarding a secret power. After following a series of clues, William found a secret Power of Veto. He has the option to use the power at one of the next two veto meetings.

Power of Veto Ceremony

Kevin and Bruno tried their best to convince Dillon to put up Ika as a renom, out of fear that Sindy will be targeted instead. Their goal was to get Queen Ika on the block instead. Unfortunately, their plan did not go as expected. Once Demetres used the Power of Veto on himself, Sindy was named as the replacement nominee by Dillon.

Live Eviction

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Sindy tried her best to save herself from eviction, but ultimately, the house viewed her as a bigger threat than Jackie. Her season three alliance members, Bruno and Kevin, couldn’t rally enough votes to save her. By a vote of six to one, Sindy became the seventh houseguest evicted from the game, leaving three veterans remaining.


Source: Global TV

I foresee the newbies sticking together for the next couple of weeks. Now that Bruno and Kevin are officially on the outs, there best bet is to get the house to flip on Ika and Demetres. Since Kevin is romantically linked with William, he has a better chance of staying than Bruno. Since William has this secret power, he may be saving Kevin from the block. Only time will tell.

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