Big Brother 19: Week Five

August 21, 2017

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Just two weeks shy of the jury, Ramses Soto, the 21 year old cosplay artist was evicted from the Big Brother 19 house. Serving as the pawn for the week, Ramses was sitting comfortably next to the intended target, Josh. As the week progressed, there was a new plan set in place. On day thirty seven, the self proclaimed super fan was taken out the game. Find out how it went down in the full summary below.

Battle Back Competition

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It’s Battle Back time! As mentioned in last week’s summary, the evicted houseguests (Cameron, Jillian, Cody, and Dominique) competed in a series of head to head matches. During the first challenge entitled Rope Maze, each houseguest must maneuver a ball on a platform through a maze using only ropes and pulleys. The winners, Cody and Cameron of course! The two men claimed victory over Jillian and Dominique as they struggled throughout the competition. For the Billboard Smashers competition, Cody and Cameron raced around the clock to launch balls at a billboard using a slingshot. At first, Cody struggled to find his rhythm, while Cameron maintained a strong lead. Cody eventually figures out how to maneuver the challenge and beats out Cameron.

Source: CBS

Now, this wouldn’t be Big Brother without some type of twist. For the final challenge, the remaining houseguests were given a chance to prevent Cody from returning. They were forced to vote one of their own to compete against Cody in the final round. If the voted in houseguest wins, no one returns. One bye one each houseguest was called into the diary room. In a unanimous decision, the house voted for Paul to compete against Cody. Fortunately, Cody has the pleasure of choosing the challenge. Since he performed well the firs time around, Cody played his luck in the Maze Race competition. With the odds in his favor, Cody claimed victory over Paul and won his way back into the house.

Head of Household

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Now that Cody has resurrected himself from the dead, the house is off to a fresh start. This week, the remaining houseguests, with the exception of Alex, competed in the What’s the Hold-Up? HOH challenge. According to Wikipedia, “In this competition, Houseguests must press their red traffic disk up by pressing it against their board with their stick. If a Houseguest drops their disk, they will be eliminated. As a Houseguest is eliminated, they must select a Houseguest to punish, making it more difficult for them to continue. The last Houseguest standing will be the new Head of Household.” The competition came down to Christmas and Jessica. Knowing that her neck is on the line, Jessica stays in the competition until the early hours of the morning, beating out Christmas.


This week, it should come to no surprise who Jessica intends on targeting. Josh of course! Okay, Josh sounds like a descent plan. Actually, I’m lying! Nominating Josh sounds like a disaster. Why? Although Jessica and Josh have been at each other’s throats for weeks now, the hair care sales associate is not a threat to anyone’s game. Logically, Paul, Alex, or Jason would be a better move. Call it foreshadowing, but Jessica’s plan may all be in vein. With operation “Take Out Josh” in full effect, Jessica required a pawn to secure his exit. Ramses, an outsider, was highly considered. At the nomination ceremony, Jessica followed through with her plan, and we saw Josh and Ramses on the block together.

Power of Veto

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Jessica, Josh, Ramses, Cody, Jason, and Christmas competed in the BB Juicy Blast Power of Veto competition. According to Wikipedia, “In this competition, Houseguests will watch the monitor to see a sequence of smoothie ingredients. After the sequence, they will be asked a question based on the sequence they just saw. If a Houseguest answers incorrectly, they will be eliminated. The last Houseguest standing will win the Power of Veto. Jessica was the winner.”

Power of Veto Ceremony

Jessica is still fixated on this little plan of hers, but little does she know that Paul and his minions are planning another blindside, with Ramses as the intended target. As instructed by Paul, Josh plays up his “end”  by laying low. This fake red flag performance is intended to throw off Jessica from the actual plan. Of course, Ramses has yet to catch on to anything. He is a little worried, but not worried enough to campaign to stay in the house. At the veto ceremony, Jessica decided to keep her nominations the same.

Live Eviction

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Paranoia was at an all time in the Big Brother house. After speaking to Kevin, Jessica was informed about the house flip. Yes, Josh is staying and Ramses is going. Are you surprised? Not at all. Jessica realizing she was suckered yet again tries to “secure” Ramses with enough votes to stay. Cody even threatens people into keeping Ramses. Unfortunately, Paul and family already had their minds made up. In a seven to three vote, Ramses was the fifth houseguest evicted from the game.